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content management

Your words. Your images. Your way.

It’s your content. You should have complete control over it – able to add, edit or delete whenever you want.

At Insight Designs, we offer a variety of content management solutions. WordPress is our go-to for informational sites. Magento is usually our platform of choice for e-commerce. And Drupal is our pick for membership sites. We also create custom content management systems when needed. And we configure each of them so that they are easy to use — easy enough for your summer intern or your mother to master.

Each site is different, and so is each content management system. Some sites require just a simple text-editing tool or a way to post staff bios and photos. Others need the ability to add a press release and schedule the time that it publishes to the live site. Still others need more complex publishing systems that allow for multiple roles – viewers, writers, publishers, administrators. We’ve created all of this and more for our clients.

And we have a vested interest in developing content management solutions that our clients will actually use. Updating content is one of the most boring things an interactive agency can do. We’d much rather be putting our skills to use on more exciting and challenging projects.

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