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Hear, Hear!

“I increasingly rely on Insight Designs with regard to all aspects of our site: layout and design, content, function, and programming. Their staff is an integral extension of the Spyder team. And I hope no one else hires them, so I can monopolize their time!”

Laura Wisner, Communications and Internet Marketing Manager
Spyder Active Sports, Inc.

“Insight Designs has been an excellent partner for both Sierra Designs and Ultimate Direction. Both brand sites were started from scratch with Insight and have developed over the years. Insight has great ideas, they’re fun to work with, and they’re always very responsive to our quick turn and design needs.”

Kristine Carey, Marketing Manager
Ultimate Direction

“Insight has taken care of us since day one – helping define our technical requirements, wowing us with creative designs, meeting every production deadline, building us a customized set of maintenance tools, conducting extensive site testing, and launching us with confidence. To this day they meet our most demanding requirements, are quick with updates and changes, and have always provided professional, personalized customer service. Insight Designs ROCKS.”

Jenny Slade, Communications Director
National Center for Women & Information Technology

“The quality of work is excellent. And the folks at Insight Designs are so easy to work with.”

Jean Giese, Director of Investor Relations
PepsiAmericas, Inc.

“Insight Designs is a delight to work with – they are smart, design-savvy and always on top of things. They continue to regularly exceed my expectations!”

Jenni Hamilton, Advertising and Creative Team
Steelcase Inc.

“Insight Designs is a bastion of technological prowess! …Efficient, thoughtful, and creative; what more could a business ask for from their web designers.”

R. Mark Davis, CEO
The Organic Center

“Insight provided Girls Quest with a uniquely professional web site development experience – especially difficult to obtain for nonprofits with no IT staff. Insight listened carefully to our needs, tested out several design concepts with us, and made our own ideas look even better than we imagined they would!”

Susan Hall, Executive Director
Girls Quest

“Our website has been a fantastic help to us in fulfilling our mission of reaching people across the country with the community-minded message of ‘be informed, get involved’. The Insight folks are awesome!”

Helen Forster, Co-host and Co-executive Producer

“Insight Designs has been a pleasure to deal with. We owe a lot of our recent success to them. They created a clean, professional, and user friendly web site for us. I have seen very few sites anywhere on the web that come close to matching theirs!”

Keith Pritchard, General Manager
Antler Art, Inc.

“Insight Designs exceeded our expectations. They used what scraps of ideas we gave them and built us a site that is not only uniquely “us” but also looks great and functions superbly. Their staff is talented, speedy, and most of all, they listen to what we have to say.”

Erik Spring, Landscape Architect
Design Concepts

“Having worked in the IT consulting industry for over 13 years, I can say that Insight Designs is definitely one of the best firms out there – from their management team down to their developers and designers. Not only were they able to incorporate our initial thoughts into a web site, but they continue to be accessible and flexible as we make updates. I would refer them to anyone.”

Kunal Jerath, Former Vice President
Bart & Associates, Inc.

“Insight Designs has been a great partner in our web deployment strategy. They listened to our ideas, asked forward-looking questions to help us determine not only the best design for today, but to lay a groundwork for tomorrow, and delivered our project on time and on budget. All of the employees have been knowledgeable, professional and truly seem to enjoy their jobs. I would highly recommend Insight to any person, small business, or large corporation looking to launch or redefine their web presence.”

Cooper Cowart, V.P. of Marketing, Chaparral Network Storage
Chaparral Network Storage

“Insight Designs makes a very complex project quite easy. They provide superior customer service: When you need something done, it’s practically complete before you get off the phone. And they are so familiar with your project, you feel like you’re their only client.”

Dana Donley, Marketing Director
Outdoor Industry Association

“I’m old enough to remember and recognize great service. And Insight Designs understands how to service their clients! I’m thrilled with the design, the quality of work, the promptness and the professionalism.”

Mary Belochi, Owner

“Good people, good attitude!”

Leslie Bohm, Founder
Catalyst Communications

“Insight Designs is the best supplier we have! The project was on time, on budget, and they made site development fun! Throughout the process, our questions, comments, and suggestions were welcomed – and we experienced response times of minutes!”

O. Lee Henry, Owner
Black Sheep Boot Company

“Fresh ideas, powerful skills and gracious people.”

Hilarie Davis, Founder
Technology for Learning Consortium

“As a long-time satisfied customer of the lively crew at Insight Designs, we’d like to say a few words about them: highly responsive, consistently upbeat, totally responsible, and dogged ’til it’s done. We’ve had a great working relationship with Insight, and we appreciate their expert contribution to our business!”

Ginger Ikeda, Owner
Bu Jin Design

“Thank Insight Designs generally – and Beth, Nico, Ellie, John, Keith, Evan, Carlos, and of course Java D., personally – for helping me realize my dreams. Without them I would be a composer in search of a symphony.”

Ian Ramsay, V.P. of Product Management
Clear Technology

“My site has gotten rave reviews! And it has given me great credibility as a PBS Documentary filmmaker. …I like Insight Designs’ ability to take charge and read the client’s mind.”

Ken Browne, Founder
Ken Browne Productions

“I used to feel like a guy fixing a flat in the dark on the unpaved shoulder of the information highway. So I was both relieved and delighted to have Insight Designs pull up alongside and give me a lift.
They know what they’re doing, they’re lightning-fast, they have great design sense, and they’re always there. Insight Designs created an engaging, economical web site which I can manage easily on my own.”

Rob Feder, President
Robert Feder Fine Art, Inc.

“I like Insight Designs’ ability to explain the process to a neophyte, patience with questions, response time for queries and corrections, imagination, attention to detail, and sense of humor.”

Jonathan Wiesel, Co-founder
Nordic Group International

“The staff at Insight always makes me feel comfortable regardless of the size of the request. I am a little out of my element when talking web design and hosting, and I always feel as though I am being heard and my questions are always answered.”

Joy Carr, Office Assistant
Maven Productions