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Insight Designs has been creating WordPress websites since 2008, and we have experienced in-house WordPress developers, right here in our Boulder, Colorado offices who can help you with your WordPress needs. There are dozens of local Boulder firms that can install WordPress and make minor modifications to the theme. But if you need more programming expertise and you want to work with local developers who can write custom WordPress plugins, create WordPress themes, integrate WooCommerce, and connect WordPress to your company’s CRM or inventory management system, please give us a shout.

We are PHP/MySQL experts, and we aren’t afraid to take on new challenges. If you can dream it — and describe it, we can program it. Each year, we have prospective clients approach us after they’ve worked with another web development shop that started a WordPress project for them but then couldn’t handle the client’s custom WordPress programming needs. In each case, we’ve taken on the project and not only completed it, but exceeded the client’s expectations. If you’re frustrated with your current WordPress developer, and you would like someone to review where your project stands, we’d be happy to do so.

Case studies of custom WordPress development:

Client: The Feed
WordPress custom development: sells exercise food and nutritional supplements to athletes. They found an off-the-shelf WordPress plugin that would allow them to sell subscriptions so that customers could have a fresh box of goodies delivered to their doorstep every month, automatically. But the off-the-shelf plugin didn’t support having the customer configure what went into the box; instead, the plugin was intended to be used to sell pre-configured subscriptions, for things like magazines. Our developers extended the plugin and created a solution to allow customers to customize their monthly subscriptions. We also submitted our changes to the original plugin developers so that they could use what they wanted in their future releases. Test it out for yourself here:

Client: Live Active Apartments
WordPress custom development: manages large apartment complexes. They needed a solution to accept credit card rent payments securely on their WordPress website. Gravity Forms, an existing WordPress plugin, will allow you to connect a form to a credit card payment gateway, such as or PayPal, but it’s designed to only work with one payment gateway. LiveActiveApartments needed to have rent payments from different buildings go to different credit card accounts. Insight Designs’ programmers created a custom WordPress plugin to meet LiveActiveApartments’ needs.

Client: NC STEM Center
WordPress custom development: is a portal that allows parents, teachers, businesses and others to share and access resources for improving and engaging in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the state of North Carolina. The NC STEM Center needed a way to display information from The Connectory — a national database of STEM-related programs and opportunities — on the NC STEM Center WordPress website. Our programmers created a custom WordPress plugin that pulls data from The Connectory’s API and displays it on the NC STEM Center’s WordPress website.

Interested in working with a local, Colorado-based WordPress developer? We’re your team. We are a great crew of Boulderites who work in our downtown Boulder offices. We don’t outsource our work overseas, and we don’t use contractors for our development. Check out our portfolio of WordPress websites.

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