Last month, my husband and I took our kids to a community bike race - the North Boulder Park Classic organized by Insight Designs' own Keith Harper. After watching Sofi and Laird muscle their way through the kids' race without crashing, we walked around checking out the booths promoting everything from energy bars to day camps. At one booth, I saw a familiar face in Kimmerjae Johnson, a Boulder artist whom Insight had created a website for back in 2001. Kimmer was promoting the US Cycling Monument, featuring a sculpture called "Momentum" that will be installed in North Boulder Park, home to the famed final stage of the Red Zinger/Coors Classic cycling series that launched the careers of many U.S. cycling legends and hosted the winners of 18 Tours de France. As Michael Aisner, race director of the Red Zinger/Coors Classic, put it, North Boulder Park is the "petri dish where American bike racing germinated, where Davis Phinney watched his first race at 15 and then won it 7 years later, live on CBS Sports. It is where a screenwriter first raced and was inspired to write “Breaking Away” and then “American Flyers,” which was shot with Kevin Costner at the race. It Is where three-time Tour winner Greg LeMond emerged as a world-class talent, racing his first senior stage race & almost winning it at 17!" When I went home that evening excited about my city's place in the history of cycling, I took a look at the monument's website and was less than impressed. So I offered to have Insight create a new and improved US Cycling Monument website. Turned out that my timing was perfect, because Kimmer and her cohorts were just starting to kick their fund-raising efforts into high gear. We took the site from start to finish in 2 weeks flat and launched it this morning: Another reason the timing was perfect is that this very morning, Lance Armstrong and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter are meeting at the state capital to announce a new top-level, eight-day cycling event called Quiznos Pro Challenge to be held next August in Colorado. It will be one of only two major stage races in the U.S. next year. Hopefully, the new race will help bring some attention to the US Cycling Monument. The sculpture has been designed and approved by the City of Boulder. Now, they just need enough money to build and install it. Maybe you'll consider joining Insight Designs in supporting this effort? You can make a donation directly from their new site.