At Insight Designs, we almost always create websites from start to finish - handling the visual design, the design implementation, the programming, the browser testing and debugging and the site launch. But once in a while, we get a request to do just one piece of the puzzle. That's exactly what happened with our new client SurveyConnect, a Boulder-based company that specializes in creating 360 degree assessment and survey solutions. SurveyConnect had the in-house resources to build a site, but not to design it. So they came to us. We went through our custom design process, which includes:
  • defining required elements for the home page
  • creating 3-5 unique designs
  • making two rounds of revisions to the chosen home page design
  • creating 2-3 unique designs for the internal page template
  • making two rounds of revisions to the chosen internal page design.
Once we had the home page design and the internal page design just the way the client wanted it, we simply handed them the design files, and they did the rest of the work to bring the site to life. Check it out here: