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First Centurion a success – two more to go!

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[caption id="" align="alignright" width="400"] Nico Toutenhoofd and Jonathan Baker (the eventual winner) crest the "Super Jamestown" climb on the final lap of the Colorado Centurion.[/caption] This week, hundreds of cyclists -- professionals, enthusiasts and casual riders alike -- took to the roads in the foothills of Colorado for the Centurion Colorado. The event is both a race and a ride that features 100-, 50- and 25-mile courses so that participants can choose the level that's best for them. They put the racers at the front of the giant peleton and the folks who are riding just for fun further back. The goal is to get create a mass participation event that celebrates cycling. We at Insight Designs are proud to have created the website for Centurion Cycling, the organization that put on the July 18th event and has two more Centurions scheduled for this summer (Wisconsin - August 8, 2010 and Canada - September 18-19, 2010). We're also excited that our very own Nico Toutenhoofd took second place (finishing just one second behind winner Jonathan Baker of Boulder) in the 100-mile event, and Insight designer Keith Harper finished 16th. Congrats to Nico and Keith. And congrats to the staff of Centurion Cycling for putting on a fabulous event. Best of luck in Wisconsin and Canada! And if you're a cyclist - whether you're a beginner or seasoned amateur - you should consider planning a vacation around one of these events. The Wisconsin event takes place in scenic Dane County. And the Canadian event will be in the picturesque Blue Mountains in Ontario. Find out more at
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A National Champion in our Midst!

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He did it! Keith won! And now we can boast that we have a National Champion on our staff! Go Keith! Keith Harper -- one of Insight Designs' star designers -- and his teammate Clarke Sheehan won the gold medal Sunday in the Madison event during the USA Cycling masters track national championships at the 7-Eleven Velodrome in Colorado Springs. The Madison is a two-person team bike race. The folks at the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association describe it this way: "Madison is one of the most interesting track races to watch or participate in. Basically, this is a team race like tag-team-wrestling, only at a much faster pace. The idea is that the riders will group into teams of two and then only one rider will race at a time. The interesting part, though, is how they "tag". While one rider is racing on the track, another rider will start going about 15 mph at the top of the track and drop down to the red line. Rider one will then come by at 30 mph, grab his/her left hand and fling them up to speed while dropping back onto the apron." Read more about Madisons here.
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Keith takes 2nd at Nationals!

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Keith Harper, left, and Clarke Sheehan showing off their medals.
Keith Harper, left, and Clarke Sheehan showing off their medals.

Insight's very own Keith Harper -- web designer by day, kick-ass cyclist the rest of the time -- won the silver medal last night during the USA Cycling masters track national championships at the 7-Eleven Velodrome in Colorado Springs.

And Keith is so modest. He put in a full day at the office before making the two-hour drive to Colorado Springs for the big event, which was at 8 pm Wednesday night. Then, when he came in the office this morning, he didn't mention the race or the medal until I casually asked him what he did last night.

Keith: "I had a race."

Beth: "How'd you do?"

Keith: "I finished second."

Beth: "What was the race?"

Keith: "The national track championships."

Beth: "You mean you came in second in the whole nation. That's amazing."

Keith: Shrugged his shoulders.

So I thought I'd do a little bragging for Keith!

In Wednesday's points race, Keith's teammate, Clarke Sheehan - also of the Orange Guy Truss and Fence track team - finished first. On Sunday, the two of them will compete together in the "Madison" team event back at the Velodrome. Don't know what a Madison is? Find out here. Wish Keith and Clarke luck as they go for gold together.

And check out this cool ad concept featuring Keith:

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