We at Insight Designs believe in making informed decisions. That's why we were particularly excited to create the website for The Forum on Earth Observations V, a Washington-DC conference that brings together public and private sector leaders to address the nation's growing demand for improved environmental information. The conference, whose mission is to create a national strategy for environmental intelligence, is organized by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, an Arlington, Virginia-based non-profit and long-time Insight Designs client. What is environmental intelligence? It's the most accurate and timely information available about our planet that enables governments, communities, companies and individuals to make sound decisions - decisions that save lives, protect and grow the economy, strengthen national security and improve quality of life. Environmental intelligence is a result of a critical supply chain that begins with science and observations - ground sensors, ocean buoys, stream gauges, satellites, etc. - and ends with actionable information that allows decision makers to make informed decisions, whether it's government officials responding to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, an energy company trying to better manage its resources center to meet customer demands during a heat wave or cold blast, or emergency workers responding to a hurricane or earthquake. Learn more at www.forumoneo5.com.