In case you haven't noticed, Insight Designs has a lot of ties to the cycling world. In our 12-year history, we've done scores of cycling-related sites for everyone from Descente, Excel Sports, Slipstream Sports, and the US Cycling Monument to the American Cycling Association, Wheel House Bikes, Team Hotel San Jose, and cycling greats Connie Carpenter, Davis Phinney and Taylor Phinney. Nico and I even own a separate business - Cycling Technology - that sells high-end, ultra lightweight bike parts. And of course, our office is filled with cyclists of all levels from cruiser commuters to national champions (Nico and Keith). So we were particularly excited to be tapped to create the website for the Boulder Valley Velodrome. Frank Banta and Doug Emerson are the masterminds behind the project that aims to build an Olympic-caliber 250-meter outdoor velodrome in Boulder County. They've bought the land, had the plans drawn and have all the building permits in hand. (The velodrome design was created by Peter Junek specifically for the Boulder County locale, and it will be similar to the track Peter built in Aguascalientes, Mexico for the Pan-American track championships where Sarah Hammer set world records.) Now, Frank and Doug are looking for 250 founding members who will pay $5,000 each to complete the project. Doug calls it the "if you come, we will build it" approach. Check out the site - - to learn more.