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You come, and they’ll build it

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In case you haven't noticed, Insight Designs has a lot of ties to the cycling world. In our 12-year history, we've done scores of cycling-related sites for everyone from Descente, Excel Sports, Slipstream Sports, and the US Cycling Monument to the American Cycling Association, Wheel House Bikes, Team Hotel San Jose, and cycling greats Connie Carpenter, Davis Phinney and Taylor Phinney. Nico and I even own a separate business - Cycling Technology - that sells high-end, ultra lightweight bike parts. And of course, our office is filled with cyclists of all levels from cruiser commuters to national champions (Nico and Keith). So we were particularly excited to be tapped to create the website for the Boulder Valley Velodrome. Frank Banta and Doug Emerson are the masterminds behind the project that aims to build an Olympic-caliber 250-meter outdoor velodrome in Boulder County. They've bought the land, had the plans drawn and have all the building permits in hand. (The velodrome design was created by Peter Junek specifically for the Boulder County locale, and it will be similar to the track Peter built in Aguascalientes, Mexico for the Pan-American track championships where Sarah Hammer set world records.) Now, Frank and Doug are looking for 250 founding members who will pay $5,000 each to complete the project. Doug calls it the "if you come, we will build it" approach. Check out the site - - to learn more.
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Happy Birthday to us!!!

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It's our 12th birthday today! Yes, that's right, Insight Designs Web Solutions, LLC, opened its doors (metaphorically speaking) on March 1, 1999. Amazing to think about how much has changed in the web world since then. Thanks to all of our clients, colleagues, family and friends for your wonderful support throughout the years. And here's to at least another dozen years together! In other March birthday news, Insighter Keith Harper turns 42 on March 5 and Ellie Childs hits the big 3-0 on March 28. Cheers to them!
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Land, Farms and Ranches, oh my!

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Often when we build a database-driven site for a client, there are hundreds of items in the database - sometimes thousands or even tens of thousands. But a lovely site that we launched earlier this month takes the cake., which Insight Designs designed and developed for Steamboat Springs-based Land Farm & Ranch, Inc. already has more than 60,000 properties listed for sale on its website. The site, which bills itself as the largest land and rural property website in the U.S., features land, waterfront property, farms, ranches and luxury estates from around the world. Realtors and property owners can list their properties for a monthly fee - and get 3 months free for a limited time. The site also offers the latest in real estate news, a blog, free buyer updates and more. If you're looking to buy or sell property, you won't want to miss this site:
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Helping Create a National Strategy for Environmental Intelligence

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We at Insight Designs believe in making informed decisions. That's why we were particularly excited to create the website for The Forum on Earth Observations V, a Washington-DC conference that brings together public and private sector leaders to address the nation's growing demand for improved environmental information. The conference, whose mission is to create a national strategy for environmental intelligence, is organized by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, an Arlington, Virginia-based non-profit and long-time Insight Designs client. What is environmental intelligence? It's the most accurate and timely information available about our planet that enables governments, communities, companies and individuals to make sound decisions - decisions that save lives, protect and grow the economy, strengthen national security and improve quality of life. Environmental intelligence is a result of a critical supply chain that begins with science and observations - ground sensors, ocean buoys, stream gauges, satellites, etc. - and ends with actionable information that allows decision makers to make informed decisions, whether it's government officials responding to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, an energy company trying to better manage its resources center to meet customer demands during a heat wave or cold blast, or emergency workers responding to a hurricane or earthquake. Learn more at
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From barren asphalt lots to vibrant schoolyards

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In our 12 years of creating websites, we at Insight Designs have loved working with non-profits. It's humbling to see how so many organizations are doing amazing things - big and small - to impact our world in wonderful ways. Over the past nine months, we've had the pleasure of working with the Boston Schoolyard Initiative (BSI), a non-profit that since 1995 has reclaimed more than 130 acres of barren asphalt and converted them into 78 vibrant schoolyards throughout the city of Boston. These schoolyards provide more room for kids to play safely outside, but they also allow teachers space to try new creative approaches to outdoor learning. You can find out more about BSI on their new website -, which we designed and developed for them. Carlos Real and Keith Harper created the visual design. Ellie Childs did the design implementation and site production. Evan Kuo programmed the custom content management tools, including the project portfolio, photo gallery, news features, and more. Mike Kohn handled QA and training. And yours truly did site architecture and project management. Definitely a great team effort.
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