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Want one of these cool jerseys?

Posted by    |   May 2nd, 2012   |   No responses

All of us at Insight Designs are gearing up for this summer's Courage Classic bike ride to benefit Children's Hospital Colorado. Our very own Keith Harper designed these awesome bike jerseys for our team "A Cure Insight." If you'd like us to order one for you, please shoot me an email at along with your size. We need to place the order this Friday (May 4), so please let me know by noon on Friday. And a quick update on our fundraising efforts. So far, we've collected $6,176, and with Insight's dollar-for-dollar match, that's $12,352 for kids with cancer! Our goal is $50K. If you'd like to donate, please go to our team page — and click on any team member’s name to make an online donation. Or mail a check made payable to Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation to Insight Designs, 2006 Broadway, Suite 300, Boulder, CO 80302. Thanks!!!
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Help us help kids with cancer

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As many of you know, last year my son Laird had an extremely aggressive,  but curable cancer called Burkitt's Lymphoma. Thanks to amazing medical care at Children's Hospital and to the love and support of so many, he is now a happy, healthy 5-year-old who loves riding his bike, reading, cooking, wrestling, playing cards and building legos. Laird's story has inspired everyone at Insight to ride in this July's Courage Classic, a 157-mile, 3-day bike ride with 10,000 feet of elevation gain that benefits Children's Hospital Colorado. Laird is even planning to ride 35 miles of it (we'll have a tag-a-long stashed along the route to help him if he gets worn out). He figures after what he went through last spring and summer (multiple surgeries, hundreds of hours of chemo and lots of other horrible stuff), this ride should be a piece of cake. Our team hopes to raise $50K for the oncology department at Children's to help other kids with cancer. Insight Designs will match the first $10K raised. And my family will personally match the next $10K. We hope you'll help. To donate, simply go to our team page -- -- and click on any team member's name to make an online donation. Or mail a check made payable to Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation to Insight Designs, 2006 Broadway, Suite 300, Boulder, CO 80302. If you'd like to ride with us, please join our team! Go to and click "Ride", then click "Join a Team" and select "A Cure Insight". (Registration is filling quickly, so act soon.) Thank you so much for considering. And Laird has another scan on Friday, May 4; please keep your fingers crossed for him.
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Does My Business Need a Blog?

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To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Blogs have increasingly become a vital part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy.  It seems everyone is on the wagon. Blogs can be used to share information and business updates.  By sharing information relevant to your industry, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field.  Blogs can assist in search engine optimization by regularly adding new content to your site.  They can also help in generating qualified leads – people who are taking the time to read what you have to say are likely interested in your products or services. But the decision to start a blog should be carefully weighed.  A poorly executed blog can be far more damaging than not having one at all. Do you have time to blog? For most people, writing a blog is a time consuming thing.  You have to come up with topics, do research, and then formulate your thoughts into well-crafted, grammatically correct prose.  And to be a truly effective blog, you need to do this at least once a week – yikes! Of course you have alternatives to shouldering all of this work yourself. •    Assign the task to somebody else in your organization, or even several people, so the workload is distributed. •    Use a ghost blogging service – but just a word of caution on this tactic: ghost blogging is a rather controversial issue in the blogosphere.  If you are going to have a ghost blogger, be transparent about it.  Use a disclaimer that states that you aren’t actually writing it, but read and approve everything posted (and be sure that you do!). •    Ask others within your industry to do a guest blog post. Do you have enough content? Do you have content you can regularly post that your customers – current and prospective – will be interested in reading and sharing?  There can be many things to blog about: •    Opinions on industry topics •    Tutorials related to your area of expertise •    Answers to your most frequently asked questions •    New hires •    Product and project launches After analyzing the pros and cons, if you decide you need a blog, stay tuned to Insight’s blog where we will explore ways to cultivate content, tips and tricks to make your blog work for you, blogging mistakes to avoid, and many more titillating tidbits of the blogosphere. If you decide a blog isn’t right for you, keep in mind that there are alternatives: •    Micro-blogging (i.e. Twitter or Facebook) is helpful if you are sharing links to other content or if you just have short bits of information. •    Create a “case studies” section on your site where you can feature specific examples of your product or service benefiting your customer.  This allows you to specifically promote your company, as opposed to a blog, which should avoid directly promoting your business. •    Add a news section to your site if you regularly generate press releases that get featured.
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It’s official. Insight is a teenager.

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Yes, that's right. Insight Designs turned 13 today! We will do our best as a company to avoid the typical teen behaviors of being withdrawn, moody or argumentative. But if you see us getting out of line, feel free to call us on it. All kidding aside, thanks to everyone who's helped us grow our business year after year. And special kudos to our talented and dedicated staff - all of you are amazing!
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And the Oscar Goes To. . .

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A quick shout out to Insight Designs' client Naked Edge Films for making a splash at the Oscars on Sunday night. NEF's film Saving Face took home the illustrious metal statue in the Documentary - Short Subject category. Saving Face chronicles two women in Pakistan who have been disfigured by acid violence and the efforts of one doctor to perform reconstructive surgery to restore their faces and their dignity. Let's hear it for Jim Butterworth and everyone at Naked Edge Films and Saving Face! Check out the film on March 8, 8:30 pm EST on HBO.
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