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Will new search be competition for Google?

Posted by    |   May 7th, 2009   |   No responses

People have long been wondering when some real competition for Google will come along in the world of internet search. Wolfram Alpha, a new tool set to be released later this month, could be just that. The claim is that the software will understand and respond to ordinary language in the same way a person does. You could type in "What was the weather like in London on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated?" and instead of getting links to 18,500 web links, as you would on Google, this system will simply return the answer. Some internet watchers have gone as far as calling this the internet's "Holy Grail." Others are much more skeptical. The software's inventor, Brit Dr. Stephen Wolfram who showcased his system at Harvard University last week, is the first to admit it has shortcomings. For example, it doesn't yet have a great grasp of popular culture. Want to know more: Check out this article from The Independent and watch the software demo on YouTube.
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Protecting Your Name

Posted by    |   April 30th, 2009   |   No responses

A friend recently turned me on to this site - - where you can check your username availability at scores of social networking sites. It's super simple. Just go to the site and type in your business name, domain name (i.e. insightdesigns - without the www or .com), or personal name (i.e. bethkrodel - no space between first and last names), then click the "chk" button. The site then checks 72 of the most popular social networking sites (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and MySpace) to see if anyone is already using that username. For some of you, it might just be interesting to see who else is using your name. For others who care about controlling, promoting and protecting your online identity, it's probably worth going through the hassle of registering your branded name across all social media sites. (For example, we at Insight Designs wouldn't want someone else posting questionable videos on YouTube under our name or making derogatory comments on Twitter under our sig. You probably wouldn't want that either.) My friend Jerry Nordstrom, CMO of San Diego-based Lead Discovery, says not registering your name with social media sites today is "akin to not registering related domain names for your business in the 90's." The cool difference is that in this case the registration is free (meaning the social networking sites don't charge you to sign up as a user). And if you don't have the time to do the registration work yourself, there's a site - - that will fill out the registration form on 120 social media sites with your username and information for $64.95. One drawback -- extra email. Whether you do the registration yourself or you pay a service like to do it for you, you'll get emails from almost all of the social media sites. Be sure to go onto each site and edit your preferences to ensure that you're only getting the emails you want.
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We just joined the Argyle Club!

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We at Insight Designs are now official supporters of the Garmin-Slipstream Pro Cycling Team's mission to transform competitive cycling and usher in a new era of 100% clean (a.k.a. drug-free) champions. How? We just wrote a check for $995 to join the Argyle Club. All the money goes to help the Garmin-Slipstream riders accomplish that lofty, but honorable goal. And in return, in addition to feeling good about supporting one of our clients, we get a slew of stuff:
  • FREE Chipotle burritos for a year.
  • an official 2009 team kit, including short sleeve jersey, bib shorts, argyle socks and team cycling cap (all an exact replica of what the team will wear during the Tour de France).
  • schwag, including a team T-shirt, podium cap, and two water bottles.
  • factory-direct pricing from Garmin and several other discounts.
Oh, and the team promises to race hard, race clean and make us proud of them, too!
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Casson Trenor: Book signing at Boulder Book Store

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Our client Casson Trenor with Sustainable Sushi - - will be doing a short talk and book signing tonight from 7:30-9pm at the Boulder Book Store, located at 1107 Pearl Street, Boulder. His book is called "Sustainable Sushi: A Guide to Saving the Oceans One Bite at a Time" and can be purchased online. A little bit about Casson Trenor's book: Sustainable Sushi answers the question on the minds of millions who enjoy eating fish: how can we indulge the desire to dine well while keeping our health and the health of the oceans in mind? With painstaking research found in no other book on the market to date, this pocket-size guide profiles dozens of the most common fish and shellfish one might encounter at a sushi bar, details where and how they are caught, whether or not they are safe, and how they figure in the current fishery crisis. Written by a fishery and sustainability expert who was himself netted long ago by the allure of Japanese cuisine, Sustainable Sushi offers simple, clear explanations of such topics as mercury and PCB levels, overfishing, and species extinction. Attractively designed and featuring quick facts, maps, photos, and illustrations, the book was written for both the novice and the seasoned sushi fan. In a storm of seafood shortages and frightening statistics, Sustainable Sushi shows readers how to enjoy the sushi bar without guilt.
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Meet the newest member of the Insight team…

Posted by    |   March 18th, 2009   |   No responses

Please give a round of applause and a warm welcome to our newest employee and designer - Graham New. Graham joins us with more than a decade of industry experience doing user experience design, interactive design and web design for and Magnet Communications, which was acquired by Intuit. A few fun facts about Graham that aren't included in his bio on our website:
  • He quit his job as a chef at a fancy London restaurant to travel around Europe with his then-girlfriend, now-wife, and then followed her to the U.S.
  • His love for goat cheese didn't deter Nico from agreeing to hire him.
  • He likes reading to his kids in silly voices.
With his addition, we've become a double-digit company, meaning we have 10 team members now. Expanding our staff in this economy is something we're quite proud of.
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