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We’re back on the list!

Posted by    |   May 11th, 2010   |   No responses

So it took a year longer than we had hoped, but we just found out that Insight Designs made it onto the Mercury 100 for a seventh time. The Mercury 100 is a list of the 100 fastest-growing private companies in Boulder and Broomfield counties. The list, which is based on two-year revenue growth, is compiled annually by the Boulder County Business Report. This year's list is based on growth from 2007 to 2009. We don't yet know where we are in the rankings. BCBR won't release those details until May 27 during the big shindig at the Hotel Boulderado. But we don't much care. We're just excited to be a company that continues to grow with age. (We turned 11 in March.) And thanks to all of you for your continued support!
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Helping put community back into theater

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There's a new non-profit in town called FLIC (food, libation & independent cinema). And Insight Designs is excited to be one of the organization's first corporate sponsors. FLIC’s co-founders, Emily Lawrence and Dan Spiegler, believe a movie-going experience can be about more than box office receipts. FLIC’s mission involves community-building through art, film and personal connection to both. While most movie theaters bring people together but discourage interaction with a sit-down, shut-up, watch-this & get-out ritual, FLIC plans to encourage interaction by hosting cocktails and cartoons prior to each movie and discussions afterward. They'll also be featuring local artists and live performers as well as serving local food, wine and beer. FLIC's premier event is Wednesday, April 28 at BMoCA (the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art). They'll be showing the film "A Town Called Panic" and featuring food from A Spice of Life and Boulder Popcorn. Cocktails and cartoons start at 7:15 pm, and the feature film begins at 8 pm. Tickets are $12 ($8 for BMoCA members). Hope to see you there! And if you can't make this one, check out the FLIC website for upcoming films.
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In award-winning company

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Today the Boulder County Business Report named its inaugural group of Remarkable Women, and of the 11 women and 1 young girl honored, three of them are Insight Designs clients. We're proud to be in such good company: Kudos to the three of you and the other winners, including Susan Ruh, who works for my husband's company Rally Software Development Corp. and won in the "Behind the Scenes" category. For details on other winners and the April 29 award ceremony, see the BCBR article.
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The Death of IE6?

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Google dropped a bomb (albeit a relatively quite one) on Monday when they began their phase-out of support for Internet Explorer 6 and announced that YouTube will follow suit in a few weeks. For IE6 users this means that certain parts of these site won't work quite right, and you'll get a pesky pop-up from time-to-time reminding you to upgrade. For web developers, this (hopefully!) means that it's time to celebrate, because IE6 might finally be dead.

You see, IE6 is the grandfather of modern web browsers. Not the old, wise kind, though. More like the grumpy kind that yells at you to get off his lawn. It's an old fellow: it's been around for almost 8 years in a world where brand new technology becomes obsolete every day. This is the main cause for web powerhouses like Google to drop support for it: the latest-and-greatest web technologies simply don't work on old browsers, and trying to accommodate for this would only hold Google back.

One of the biggest challenges as web developers is trying to work around IE6's quirky and illogical behavior. Every website we create at Insight Designs is tested on no less than 8 different browsers including IE6, and IE6 is the one that single-handedly causes the most problems.  Because about 10% of all web surfing is done on IE6, though, it's impossible to ignore the old browser. But hopefully Google has the kind of clout to change this by strong-arming IE6 users into upgrading.

As if there weren't already a million reasons to make the switch (including speed, reliability, and security), maybe Google's announcement will finally convince the last handful of web surfers still clinging to this sinking browser to jump ship.

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Eleven years and counting!

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Insight Designs is 11 years old today. Hard to believe that Nico and I have been at this almost as long as we were in elementary, middle and high school combined. (Yes, I know it's weird that I still measure time in that way.) Since starting this web endeavor, we've both grown up, gotten married (not to each other), had two kids each, bought houses and thoroughly enjoyed our lives in Boulder. We're also both thankful that we left newspaper journalism when we did. And since our jump from journalism to the web in 1999, we've helped create more than 300 websites for our wonderful clients, without whom we obviously wouldn't be here. Thanks to all of you for your business and your support and encouragement along the way. Thanks also to all of our employees and interns past and present -- Monica, Alan, Cathy, Kohsuke, Tiffany, Keith, Clint, John, Ellie, Zack, Carlos, Evan, Kelly, Danielle, Ethan, Clay, Graham, Mike. Oh, and today our firm was featured on - a hip site promoting a unique business or individual each day in the year 2010. Check it out! (Photo credit: Shane Rich)
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