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Insight Designs launches Crocs corporate website

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Pardon us, but we at Insight Designs are having a hard time containing our excitement about the fact that we've added Crocs™ to our stellar client list. We just launched a new site for the Boulder-based shoemaker, most known for its colorful, hole-covered, lightweight boat shoes. We had a ton of fun working with this innovative and clever brand. In our custom design, we integrated both their Feel the Love™ campaign and their Croslite™ characters (personified versions of their trademark shoes) with a lively color palette and a look that is in keeping with the Crocs feel-good image. We handled all of the details, including the photo shoot to get unique full-body shots of the newly-anointed Crocs ambassadors, five lucky folks who get to blog to the world about their love for Crocs via the site's new Vitamin C blog. Thanks to photographer Rick Cummings (our friend and another Insight Designs client) for the awesome pix! On the backend, we set up multiple blogs and features, and we integrated the site seamlessly with two other vendors -- Taleo who handles the corporate careers search and Thomson Reuters who handles the investor relations content. In the process, we learned a lot about this revolutionary company. They've sold more than 100 million pairs of Crocs in their less than 10 years in business, and since 2007, they've donated more than 2.5 million pairs of shoes to people in impoverished areas as well as areas affected by natural disaster, including Haiti. And their styles go far beyond boat shoes and sandals. They offer more than 120 style for men, women and children. Check them out online. Or the next time you're in Boulder, stop by their new flagship store at 1129 Peart Street and then come by and say hi to Insight (our office is just a block away at 2006 Broadway)!
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First Centurion a success – two more to go!

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[caption id="" align="alignright" width="400"] Nico Toutenhoofd and Jonathan Baker (the eventual winner) crest the "Super Jamestown" climb on the final lap of the Colorado Centurion.[/caption] This week, hundreds of cyclists -- professionals, enthusiasts and casual riders alike -- took to the roads in the foothills of Colorado for the Centurion Colorado. The event is both a race and a ride that features 100-, 50- and 25-mile courses so that participants can choose the level that's best for them. They put the racers at the front of the giant peleton and the folks who are riding just for fun further back. The goal is to get create a mass participation event that celebrates cycling. We at Insight Designs are proud to have created the website for Centurion Cycling, the organization that put on the July 18th event and has two more Centurions scheduled for this summer (Wisconsin - August 8, 2010 and Canada - September 18-19, 2010). We're also excited that our very own Nico Toutenhoofd took second place (finishing just one second behind winner Jonathan Baker of Boulder) in the 100-mile event, and Insight designer Keith Harper finished 16th. Congrats to Nico and Keith. And congrats to the staff of Centurion Cycling for putting on a fabulous event. Best of luck in Wisconsin and Canada! And if you're a cyclist - whether you're a beginner or seasoned amateur - you should consider planning a vacation around one of these events. The Wisconsin event takes place in scenic Dane County. And the Canadian event will be in the picturesque Blue Mountains in Ontario. Find out more at
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Dorje Designs making headlines again

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At Insight Designs, we always love to see our clients succeed. Dorje Designs is doing just that - and getting lots of attention along the way. The Boulder-based jeweler, run by the wife and husband team of designer Anna Holland and businessman Mark Holland, focuses on original, antique and ancient ethnographic jewelry and beads from around the globe. Dorje is featured in the July edition of Denver Magazine under the heading "Vintage is the New Green." And for the second time in two years, Dorje's creations will adorn the models in Sports Illustrated's illustrious 2011 swimsuit edition. Mark is kind enough to give Insight a little bit of credit: "I don't think we ever could have made Dorje Designs such an international success without such a great website!" Thanks Mark and Anna! And congratulations!
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Know PHP? We need you!

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We at Insight Designs are glad to report that we're expanding our staff. We're looking for a PHP programmer who can work full-time in our downtown Boulder office. If you're interested in the job opening, please send your resume along with links to five PHP/MySQL projects you've completed to: Spread the word!
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Gearing up for the Tour de France

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Just five weeks to go before the start of the 97th Tour de France. And as usual, the programmers here at Insight Designs are busy helping code cool features for the Versus website and other yet-to-be-disclosed ways to follow the tour. Keep your eyes peeled. Don't miss the Versus Tour Tracker. Details below.
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