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Category Archive: Web Marketing wins Award!

Posted by    |   September 26th, 2012   |   No responses

Kudos to our friends at for being a Silver Winner in the 7th Annual W3 Awards. The awards, judged and sanctioned by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, honor outstanding work for web and mobile. Insight Designs started working with ThisLife founders Matt and Andrea Johnson in February 2010 to create their cloud-based service that organizes and archives users' photos and videos. Insight partner Nico Toutenhoofd led a crew of Insight programmers to develop ThisLife's API cloud infrastructure, including everything from video processing and face recognition to social media integration and automatic duplicate photo detection. The API supports an HTML5 browser client, a Flash browser client, a native iPhone app, a Mac desktop app and a Windows desktop app. If you're looking for the best home for all of your photos and videos, ThisLife is it.  It's currently in beta and is an invitation-only service, but you can simply request an invite to see what all the buzz is about. Also, check out this glowing piece from the Wall Street Journal - "A Hangout for All Your Social-Network Photos".
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Make the most of your Facebook Timeline

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By now, most of us are familiar with Facebook Timeline, but we may not be maximizing its potential.  Here are some tips to make sure you're getting the most out of this new layout for your company and product Facebook pages. The basics:
  • Your cover photo should be 851x315 pixels and less than 100 KB. Be sure to match your corporate branding.
  • Your profile photo should be 180x180 pixels. A great place for your logo.
  • Your cover photo CANNOT include a call to action or any contact information. This information should go in your profile information.
Timeline has features that allow you to keep the important information front and center for your fans:
  • A “pinned post” keeps a post at the top of your page for 1 week even if you add additional posts.

  • To highlight a photo, link or status, click the star icon on the post. This will make the post be full page width.

  • Customize and arrange the apps under your cover photo. This is a great place for a call to action.

  • Use the Milestones feature to mark key moments for your brand. Simply select Event, Milestone in the New Post balloon.

  • Use Facebook Insights to see which posts are getting traction with your fans. (You have to have at least 30 “Likes” to use this feature.)

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Does My Business Need a Blog?

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To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Blogs have increasingly become a vital part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy.  It seems everyone is on the wagon. Blogs can be used to share information and business updates.  By sharing information relevant to your industry, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field.  Blogs can assist in search engine optimization by regularly adding new content to your site.  They can also help in generating qualified leads – people who are taking the time to read what you have to say are likely interested in your products or services. But the decision to start a blog should be carefully weighed.  A poorly executed blog can be far more damaging than not having one at all. Do you have time to blog? For most people, writing a blog is a time consuming thing.  You have to come up with topics, do research, and then formulate your thoughts into well-crafted, grammatically correct prose.  And to be a truly effective blog, you need to do this at least once a week – yikes! Of course you have alternatives to shouldering all of this work yourself. •    Assign the task to somebody else in your organization, or even several people, so the workload is distributed. •    Use a ghost blogging service – but just a word of caution on this tactic: ghost blogging is a rather controversial issue in the blogosphere.  If you are going to have a ghost blogger, be transparent about it.  Use a disclaimer that states that you aren’t actually writing it, but read and approve everything posted (and be sure that you do!). •    Ask others within your industry to do a guest blog post. Do you have enough content? Do you have content you can regularly post that your customers – current and prospective – will be interested in reading and sharing?  There can be many things to blog about: •    Opinions on industry topics •    Tutorials related to your area of expertise •    Answers to your most frequently asked questions •    New hires •    Product and project launches After analyzing the pros and cons, if you decide you need a blog, stay tuned to Insight’s blog where we will explore ways to cultivate content, tips and tricks to make your blog work for you, blogging mistakes to avoid, and many more titillating tidbits of the blogosphere. If you decide a blog isn’t right for you, keep in mind that there are alternatives: •    Micro-blogging (i.e. Twitter or Facebook) is helpful if you are sharing links to other content or if you just have short bits of information. •    Create a “case studies” section on your site where you can feature specific examples of your product or service benefiting your customer.  This allows you to specifically promote your company, as opposed to a blog, which should avoid directly promoting your business. •    Add a news section to your site if you regularly generate press releases that get featured.
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The Liquor Mart Launch – just in time for the holidays!

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I'm proud to say that today we launched a new and drastically-improved website for a Boulder icon - Liquor Mart. The new custom-designed site uses a Magento-powered e-commerce system with all the bells and whistles:
  • a product catalog with more 12,000 SKUs with real-time inventory
  • reward points that are awarded for each purchase and can be redeemed for discounts
  • a slick delivery module that allows customers to schedule their package delivery
  • custom online coupons and case discounts calculated at checkout
  • special features including compare products, recommended products, product photo zoom and more.
The site also includes several new content sections such as Wine Wisdom, Brews News, Cocktail Corner, a blog called Simply Served, videos, audios, a party planning feature and more! And all of it can be managed by Liquor Mart staff through a password-protected CMS. I bought all the alcohol for tonight's Insight Designs holiday open house from -- ordering was a breeze, all the coupons worked, and the delivery showed up right on time. Check it out, and fill up on spirits for the holidays!
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A fun site and a good deal

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This week, the Insight Designs team created a new site called Actually, designer Carlos Real gets almost all of the credit. And he did this fun, cool design from start to finish -- including implementation -- in just 2 days! The site's concept is similar to and - where consumers sign up to get amazing daily deals in their community. Check it out! And if you live in the Denver area, go ahead and sign up for some amazing deals!
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