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Today, you make history

Posted by    |   September 22nd, 2008   |   No Comments

Here at Insight Designs we try to make a difference on the web every day — developing an interactive web application, creating a visually compelling design, or simply helping a client with email issues. Today is your chance to make history by discussing how the web has influenced your political views and actions.

Today — September 22 — is the 3rd annual OneWebDay, a global event held to celebrate the World Wide Web and highlight key issues about the future of the Internet. To celebrate the online boom we are experiencing in the 2008 Presidential Election, this year’s focus is Online Political Participation. To encourage everyone to partake in this event, the Washington, DC-based OneWebDay Planning Committee has created an E-Democracy Time Capsule that will allow people from the U.S. and elsewhere in the world to contribute text, images, videos, or anything else describing their favorite e-Democracy tools.

Then, 12 years from now, they’ll have OneWebDay 2020. That’s when the Time Capsule will re-open so we can consider the progress we’ve made to create an inclusive Web-enabled democracy.

If you’d like to share a must-see global warming site or an informative column on gun control or anything else, visit the One Web Day DC e-democracy Time Capsule site.

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