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Web Rules Worth Following

Posted by    |   August 28th, 2008   |   No Comments

True, we are a group of creative, free-thinking, innovative individuals. However, when it comes to creating websites, there are some rules worth following. recently posted the “10 Commandments of Web Design.” None of these were new to us at Insight Designs; we’ve been living by these rules for years. But we thought we should share them with you.

1. Thou shalt not abuse Flash.

2. Thou shalt not hide content.

3. Thou shalt not clutter.

4. Thou shalt not overuse glassy reflections.

5. Thou shalt not name your Web 2.0 company with an unnecessary surplus or dearth of vowels.

6. Thou shalt worship at the altar of typography.

7. Thou shalt create immersive experiences.

8. Thou shalt be social.

9. Thou shalt embrace proven technologies.

10. Thou shalt make content king.

To read more about each commandment, check out the full article on

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