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Making it easier to collect medical payments

Posted by    |   April 4th, 2011   |   No Comments

Negotiating the health insurance quagmire isn’t just difficult for patients. It’s challenging for health care providers, too.

Enter PayRight Health Solutions, LLC, a Delaware-based firm that creates online tools to help medical practices more easily collect payment and to help patients understand the payment process.

PayRight, which was founded by health plan veteran Jim Bridges in February 2010, tapped Insight Designs for logo design and website design and development.

According to the PayRight website that Insight launched last week, the company’s product “acts as a payment portal in a physician’s office. As a patient departs each visit, office staff use the PayRight portal to create estimates, collect payments, and record patient payments. In addition to office collections, PayRight tracks the patient’s claim and using PayRight PayComplete and PayPlan automatically collect any balance the patient owes after insurance has paid. PayRight makes patient payment easier and faster than before!”

Learn more, and check out Insight’s latest work at:

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