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Live photos from our 2009 Holiday Open House

Posted by    |   December 4th, 2009   |   No Comments

We do this every year and each time we try to come up with a new twist on automated photo uploading technology to deliver images in real time. We are shooting these images with a Canon 5D, which is transmitting images over FTP to my laptop in my office with a Canon WFT-E1 wireless transmitter. The files are stored in a folder on my HD, and this nifty little Python app called checks the folder every minute and uploads files to our Flickr account. This year we’ve also found a nifty site called Flickr Slide Show that will take images from your Flickr account and turn them into a Flash photo gallery.

[iframe 600 500]

And I give this a 50/50 chance of working, but here’s out live Java cam… It uses a GoPro HD Helmet Hero camera and an Eye-Fi card:

[iframe 600 500]

Or if you’d prefer you can view these images directly on Flickr here.


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