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Keith takes 2nd at Nationals!

Posted by    |   August 20th, 2009   |   No Comments

Keith Harper, left, and Clarke Sheehan showing off their medals.

Keith Harper, left, and Clarke Sheehan showing off their medals.

Insight’s very own Keith Harper — web designer by day, kick-ass cyclist the rest of the time — won the silver medal last night during the USA Cycling masters track national championships at the 7-Eleven Velodrome in Colorado Springs.

And Keith is so modest. He put in a full day at the office before making the two-hour drive to Colorado Springs for the big event, which was at 8 pm Wednesday night. Then, when he came in the office this morning, he didn’t mention the race or the medal until I casually asked him what he did last night.

Keith: “I had a race.”

Beth: “How’d you do?”

Keith: “I finished second.”

Beth: “What was the race?”

Keith: “The national track championships.”

Beth: “You mean you came in second in the whole nation. That’s amazing.”

Keith: Shrugged his shoulders.

So I thought I’d do a little bragging for Keith!

In Wednesday’s points race, Keith’s teammate, Clarke Sheehan – also of the Orange Guy Truss and Fence track team – finished first. On Sunday, the two of them will compete together in the “Madison” team event back at the Velodrome. Don’t know what a Madison is? Find out here. Wish Keith and Clarke luck as they go for gold together.

And check out this cool ad concept featuring Keith:

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