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Happy 10th Birthday to Us!

Posted by    |   March 9th, 2009   |   No Comments

After 10 years in business, most businesses can say they’ve come a long way. At Insight Designs, we’ve only moved a whopping 3 blocks!

We got our start in March 1999. For the first few months, Beth and Nico worked out of Nico’s 400-square-foot apartment at the corner of 9th and Pearl (thanks to his now-wife Sarah for putting up with us). In October of that year, we moved to a bohemian space upstairs from Juanita’s and Tom’s Tavern at the corner of 11th and Pearl, where Nico assembled the office’s first desks while Beth chipped a ton of plaster to expose the old brick underneath. In 2002, we moved another block to a “real” office at Pearl and Broadway that we still call home.

But physical address aside, we have indeed come a long way in our first 10 years. If we hadn’t, we probably wouldn’t be in business right now. Each year, we create better custom websites and applications; we take on new and exciting clients; and we grow our staff a little (we just added our 10th employee last week – I’ll unveil his bio in a blog post next week).

Thanks to all of you for keeping us around this long. And we hope to continue wowing you with our work for years to come.

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