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Geocaching, popping balloons, shooting pix and more.

Posted by    |   September 20th, 2010   |   No Comments

Staff retreats are sort of like teacher workdays (a.k.a. professional days) in that no one really knows what they are.

I’ve had clients and colleagues ask me again and again, “So what do you actually do on a retreat?”

We, meaning the Insight Designs crew, had our annual retreat last Friday. So it’s a perfect time for me to enlighten everyone on what an Insight retreat looks like. We started our day by doing a 2-hour photo shoot for our infamous holiday card. (Each year we try to outdo our idea from the previous year.)

Then, we headed to North Boulder Park for some team-building exercises (i.e. silly games). We had a balloon-popping contest, in which Keith Harper celebrated prematurely costing his teammates the win, while Carlos Real went on to out-sprint me by something like a gazillionth of a second for the prize. One game tested our communication skills; two people took turns verbally guiding a third blind-folded person through a course; out of nine attempts, only one blind-folded person ran into a tree. Some games helped us hone our strategic thinking skills; others were just plain goofy.

Next up was a long lunch at Proto’s Pizza, where the topic of conversation was “If I could change one thing at Insight Designs, it would be …”

Finally, we finished the day off with some group geocaching (aka new-age treasure hunting). We found two out of three caches and were able to explore some trails and places in Boulder that none of us had ever seen. Cool stuff. Find caching opportunities near you at

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