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Eleven years and counting!

Posted by    |   March 1st, 2010   |   No Comments

Insight Designs is 11 years old today. Hard to believe that Nico and I have been at this almost as long as we were in elementary, middle and high school combined. (Yes, I know it’s weird that I still measure time in that way.)

Since starting this web endeavor, we’ve both grown up, gotten married (not to each other), had two kids each, bought houses and thoroughly enjoyed our lives in Boulder. We’re also both thankful that we left newspaper journalism when we did. And since our jump from journalism to the web in 1999, we’ve helped create more than 300 websites for our wonderful clients, without whom we obviously wouldn’t be here.

Thanks to all of you for your business and your support and encouragement along the way. Thanks also to all of our employees and interns past and present — Monica, Alan, Cathy, Kohsuke, Tiffany, Keith, Clint, John, Ellie, Zack, Carlos, Evan, Kelly, Danielle, Ethan, Clay, Graham, Mike.

Oh, and today our firm was featured on – a hip site promoting a unique business or individual each day in the year 2010. Check it out!

(Photo credit: Shane Rich)

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