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A National Champion in our Midst!

Posted by    |   August 24th, 2009   |   No Comments

He did it! Keith won! And now we can boast that we have a National Champion on our staff! Go Keith!

Keith Harper — one of Insight Designs’ star designers — and his teammate Clarke Sheehan won the gold medal Sunday in the Madison event during the USA Cycling masters track national championships at the 7-Eleven Velodrome in Colorado Springs.

The Madison is a two-person team bike race. The folks at the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association describe it this way:

“Madison is one of the most interesting track races to watch or participate in. Basically, this is a team race like tag-team-wrestling, only at a much faster pace. The idea is that the riders will group into teams of two and then only one rider will race at a time. The interesting part, though, is how they “tag”. While one rider is racing on the track, another rider will start going about 15 mph at the top of the track and drop down to the red line. Rider one will then come by at 30 mph, grab his/her left hand and fling them up to speed while dropping back onto the apron.” Read more about Madisons here.

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