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2009 Holiday Party: A Recap

Posted by    |   December 9th, 2009   |   No Comments

Insight Designs hosted our 10th annual holiday party this last Friday.  We had a great turnout, so thanks to all of our clients, families and friends for coming!  And for those of you that weren’t able to make it, we hope to see you there next year.  Until then, here’s a taste of the things you missed:

  • There was a ton of great food and chocolate treats scattered throughout the office.  The drinks, however, could be found outside of the office – on the roof.  It was fun seeing our clients dangle out the window to grab a diet Pepsi (it really wasn’t as treacherous as it sounds).  At least the drinks stayed frosty in Boulder’s single-digit temperatures.
  • We had a raffle for numerous gifts including Eldora ski passes, gift certificates to The Med and Brasserie Ten Ten restaurants, and even some awesome Insight Designs t-shirts.
  • Java, the office dog, had a small camera mounted to his back that took a photo every minute and wirelessly uploaded it to Flickr.  Java got a ton of pets from people just looking for a little camera time.  Also, there were a suspicious amount of photos of trash cans.
  • As usual, Nico set up a portrait photography studio down the hall, and people had a blast with it.  Most photos contained at least one Santa hat or a set of reindeer antlers.  All of these photos, along with the ones taken by Java, can be seen here on Insight Designs’ Flickr page.

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