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Archive: September2011

Insight featured in Skiing Business article “Your Website Might Suck”

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After having been a reporter in my first career, it's always a bit odd to be the one answering the questions in an interview instead of asking. But I was happy to speak with Ryan Dionne from Skiing Business this week for a piece he wrote called "Your Website Might Suck." Check it out.
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Laird is better and I’m back to blogging!

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After a 5-month hiatus from the ID blog, I'm back. As many of you know, in April my then 4-year-old son Laird was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive, but curable form of cancer called Burkitt's Lymphoma. I'm happy to report that after a grueling spring and summer that included 4 surgeries, 10 spinal taps, 5 week-long rounds of chemotherapy, 16 times under general anesthesia, scores of blood draws, and hundreds of oral medications, Laird is cancer free! He turned 5 in August, just started kindergarten and is full of energy again. I'm forever indebted to Nico, Ellie, Keith, Carlos, Evan, Mike, Clint, Peter, Bryant and Dave for holding down the fort at Insight Designs throughout this ordeal. And huge thanks to Insight's clients for their patience, their prayers and their words of encouragement. As I'm sure you can imagine, I had to put many things at home and work on the back burner while I focused on helping Laird kick cancer's butt. One of those things was this blog. Of course, others at Insight are welcome to post blog entries. But as many companies find, if blog writing is not absolutely required, it simply doesn't happen. That's my long explanation for why you haven't seen anything new here in a while. Now that Laird is well again and I'm getting caught up at the office, I'll be blogging again on a regular basis, so stay tuned! And special thanks to Rebecca and the rest of the folks at NCWIT (the National Center for Women & Information Technology) for sending Laird this awesome superhero cape! He certainly earned it.
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