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Don’t miss The Happiness of Pursuit by Davis Phinney

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Eleven years ago, Nico and I sat down on the back porch of Connie Carpenter and Davis Phinney's Boulder home to talk about creating a website for their bike camp business. Accomplished cyclists -- Connie won Olympic gold in 1984 and Davis won two stages of the Tour de France and an Olympic bronze -- they were the perfect pair to lead groups of cycling enthusiasts through the hills of Italy and the mountains of Colorado. And we at Insight Designs were thrilled to create their first real web presence and begin a lasting friendship. (By the way, that site -- -- is still about the same as it was when we created it in 2000.) Since then, we've worked on several projects for Connie and Davis and their son, Taylor Phinney who himself has taken the cycling world by storm. Just 10 days ago, Connie called because Davis' new book The Happiness of Pursuit was coming out and they needed a website for it ASAP. No problem, I said. For those of you who don't know Davis' story and for those of you who think you do, this book promises to be a powerful read. After an illustrious cycling career that led to a budding career in television commentary, Davis was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson's disease. The Happiness of Pursuit is the story of how Davis sought to overcome his Parkinson’s by reaching back to what had made him so successful on the bike and adjusting his perspective on what counted as a win. The news of his diagnosis began a dark period for this vibrant athlete, but there was also light. His son Taylor’s own bike-racing career was taking off. Determined to beat the Body Snatcher, Davis underwent a procedure called deep brain stimulation. Although not cured, his symptoms abated enough for him to see Taylor compete in the Beijing Olympics. Davis Phinney had won another stage. But the joy, he discovered, was in the pursuit. With humor and grace, Phinney weaves the narrative of his battle with Parkinson’s with tales from his cycling career and from his son’s emerging career. The Happiness of Pursuit is a remarkable story of fathers and sons and bikes, of victories large and small. With Connie feeding us content and great photos, we were able to get the site launched yesterday -- Check it out. You can read excerpts from the book, see what folks are saying about it, check Davis' speaking appearance schedule, and of course, order your own copy of the book.
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Kids and helmets – a smart idea

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Now this was definitely a website I could get excited about creating! As a mother of two little kids who love to ski, I totally support the idea of wearing helmets. So when the National Ski Areas Association met with me in January about having Insight Designs redesign and redevelop the Lids on Kids website, I was all for it. Since then, we've put together a kid-friendly, fun site filled with helpful information for parents and games for kids -- all with the goal of encouraging helmet use. The new site, which launched last week, is built with a WordPress content management system, making it easy for NSAA staff to add, edit and delete content. NSAA's Lids on Kids Campaign urges skiers and riders to wear a helmet on the slopes - but to ski or ride as if they are not wearing a helmet. Good stuff. Learn more at
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Making it easier to collect medical payments

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Negotiating the health insurance quagmire isn't just difficult for patients. It's challenging for health care providers, too. Enter PayRight Health Solutions, LLC, a Delaware-based firm that creates online tools to help medical practices more easily collect payment and to help patients understand the payment process. PayRight, which was founded by health plan veteran Jim Bridges in February 2010, tapped Insight Designs for logo design and website design and development. According to the PayRight website that Insight launched last week, the company's product "acts as a payment portal in a physician’s office. As a patient departs each visit, office staff use the PayRight portal to create estimates, collect payments, and record patient payments. In addition to office collections, PayRight tracks the patient’s claim and using PayRight PayComplete and PayPlan automatically collect any balance the patient owes after insurance has paid. PayRight makes patient payment easier and faster than before!" Learn more, and check out Insight's latest work at:
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